Achieving Your Goals

Nothing is impossible, unless you think it is.


Using Dynamic Will Power, continues…….3


Once you have said, “I will,” never give in. If you say, “I will never catch cold,” and the next morning you have a terrible cold and are discouraged, you are allowing your will to remain weak. You must not get discouraged when you see something happening that is contrary to what you have affirmed. Keep on believing, knowing it will be so. If outwardly you say, “I will,” but inwardly think, “I can’t,” then you neutralize the power of thought and emasculate your will.


If you want a home, and the mind says, “You simpleton, you can’t afford a house,” you must make your will stronger. When the “can’t” disappears from your mind, divine power comes. A home will not be dropped down to you from heaven, you have to pour forth will power continuously through constructive actions. When you persist, refusing to accept failure, the object of will must materialize. When you continuously work that will through your thoughts and activities, what you are wishing for has to come about. Even though there is nothing in the world to conform to your wish, when your will persists, the desired result will somehow manifest.


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