Achieving Your Goals

Nothing is impossible, unless you think it is.


Using Dynamic Will Power, continues…….5


If, after calmly reasoning, you make up your mind that what you have set out to do is right, then nobody should be able to stop you. If I had no job I would shake up the whole world until people would say, “Give him a job to keep him quiet!”


If you have convinced yourself that you are a helpless mortal, and you allow everyone else to convince you that you can’t get a job, then you have passed the decree in your own mind that you are down and done for. No judgment from God or fate, but your own pronouncement on yourself, keeps you poor or worried. Success or failure is determined in your own mind. Even against the negative opinion of the rest of society, if you bring out by your all-conquering God-given will the conviction that you cannot be left to suffer in difficulties, you will feel a secret divine power coming upon you, and you will see that the magnetism of that conviction and power is opening up new ways for you.


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