Achieving Your Goals

Nothing is impossible, unless you think it is.


Dealing Constructively With Failure


You must banish the thought that the Lord with His wonderful power is far away in heaven, and that you are a helpless little worm buried in difficulties down here on earth. Remember that behind your will is the great Divine Will.


To stumble and fall into wrong ways is only momentary weakness. Do not think yourself wholly lost. The same ground on which you fall can be used as a support to help you get up again, if you learn from your experiences.


If you recognize a mistake and resolutely determine not to make it again, then even if you fall, that fall will be very much less than if you had never tried.


Not should we expect to be successful in all our attempts. Some ventures may fail, but others will be successful. Success and failure are interrelated; one cannot exist without the other….So we should not become egotistical and overpowered with pride if we find abundant success; nor should we lose heart and become discouraged if we meet with failure.


No matter how many times you fail, keep on trying. No matter what happens, if you have unalterably resolved, “The earth may be shattered, but I will keep on doing the best I can,” you are using dynamic will, and you will succeed. That dynamic will is what makes one man rich and another man strong and another man a saint.


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