Achieving Your Goals

Nothing is impossible, unless you think it is.




The one who creates does not wait for an opportunity, blaming circumstances, the fates, and the gods. He seizes opportunities or creates them with the magic wand of his will, effort, and searching discrimination.


Before embarking on important undertaking, sit quietly, calm your senses and thoughts, and meditate deeply. You will then be guided by the great creative power of Spirit.


Whatever you want to do, think about it until you are lost in that idea Think, think, thin, and make plans. Then take a little time, don’t jump into anything at once. Take a step, and then think more. Something within tells you what to do. Do it, and think some more. Some further guidance will come. By learning to go deep within, you will connect your consciousness with the super consciousness of the soul, so that with infinite will power, patience, and intuition you can grow those idea-seeds of success.


As soon as you think a right thought, work it. Some people have a good idea but they haven’t the tenacity to think it through and work it out. You must have courage and perseverance, and think, “I am going to see my idea through. It may be that I won’t win out in this life, but I will make the effort.” Think and act, think and act. That is how to develop your mind power. Every idea is a little seed, but you have to grow it.


Many people try to achieve something in the realm of thought, but they give up when difficulties arise. Only those persons who have visualized their thoughts very strongly have been able to manifest them in outward form.


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