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In The World But Not of the World


Advocating the life of a householder does not entail a laissez-aller –an unrestrained freedom to live as you will. You cannot rob, cheat, lie or do any heinous action to harass others and still attain a spiritual state. Yet, the moment the desire to reach a spiritual state is awakened, a person’s psyche begins to change. However despicable a person is, his yearning for the Divine increases, he begins to practice his sadhana more and more diligently and anything that is not conducive to spiritual life falls off by itself. If he has been following a life that is sinful till then, in the sense that it is against his spiritual principles, the Great Beings who govern the universe, in their infinite kindness take him out of it and bring him into a profession that I compatible with the spiritual way of life. There is nothing to worry. Greater forces exist, which can change your attitude and way of life so that you pursue the path without hindrance, and yet, are well provided for materially; not only you, but also your dependents.

If you have seen spiritual giants leading a simple life with minimum necessities, it is because they are in a supreme state of bliss and have voluntarily discarded material comforts. What do they lose? They have gained the Universal Spirit. Of what use are mere trinkets to them? But, it is not a rule that God-realized souls should live in poverty. Some have lived in the midst of luxury, yet unattached to it, and performing their duties efficiently. Some others have been householders, having a large number of dependents to look after. After realizing that everything in the universe is the Supreme Lord himself, great Vignanis have made the whole universe their family in place of the tiny little family that they had renounced and then lead a life of constant service. For example, Valmiki the dacoit, became Valmiki the rishi. The main thing is the intense desire to realize the Divine and the necessary discipline to practice sadhana. It does not matter who you are or what you are as long as your esire is strong and your sadhana is earnest.


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