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In The World But Not of the World


I must tell about a great yogi I met in Dehradun. My Master directed me to him to learn more about the kundalini. I knew that he was a big businessman but I was startled at my first sight of him. I even wondered if I had not come to the wrong person! Het met me at the Dehradun railway station, a tall, clean-shaven, middle-aged man in a three-piece suit. Outside, he escorted me to his Mercedes-Benz car, complete with a uniformed chauffeur. I was tired and slept almost all the way up to Delhi. He put me up at an upmarket second floor flat in Greater Kailash in New Delhi, not far from his bungalow, where he lived with his wife, three children, and three Alsatians. He told me that his chief business was real estate. But, he was truly a highly advanced yogi as I discovered in a few days. Not only idd he enlighten me theoretically on the kundalini and the Srividya, he also demonstrated things practically when the need arose. Unfortunately, he was one of those who preferred to remain unknown for certain reasons of his own, and therefore, I cannot reveal his identity.

Now, after all this, if a rare soul among you still feels that he is qualified to lead a sanyasin’s life, think seriously, deeply. As a Vaishnavite sadhu, who then lived a little beyond Vasistha Guha, near Rishikesh cautioned me, “Sanyasa is a high state, and few are qualified for it. You have to climb many steps to reach the top and, if you by chance slip and fall from such a great height, you might get seriously injured and may not find it easy to recover.” Do sit quietly and take stock and, if you still want to, go ahead. But, let not the sanyasa be like the one Sri Ramakrishna referred to when discouraging certain people from becoming renunciants. He said, “Suddenly you are filled with a desire for renunciation, or so you believe. Telling no one, you rush off to Benaras. A few days later, you write home, saying that you are well and are looking for a good job and nobody need worry.”


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