Babaji n Lahiri

A Beautiful conversation between Disciple and the Master about Sadhana!

Disciple: Guruji, why some senior seekers suddenly stop doing Sadhana?

Master: There are various reasons… It all depends on an individual seeker. Still, there are few common factors which we can discuss…

First and foremost common factor is lack of gratitude! See, all those people have missed out on one single common factor and that is Gratitude. When ego comes back from back-door, the first effect of that is gratitude goes of the window! As soon as the gratitude goes off the system, comparison and judgement starts. “I am better than others and I do not need to learn” is the attitude at that stage. With comparison and judgement – whatever little bit gratitude is left also goes away and seeker becomes absolutely dry.

This is the time ego comes back and captures the seeker fully. This is the process that happens slowly and silently. The way tiger prepares to pounce on the prey, same way slowly and silently ego prepares to jump on the “awareness” of the seeker, captures it and relishes it. Seeker remains absolutely unaware of the process and keeps enjoying normal life.

Only, when seeker comes in the presence of the Master, great realization dawns! Even that is difficult to happen to such a person, as with high ego, comparison and judgement… these three factors when combined, will not allow the seeker to reach to the master. The downward journey starts. Each day one starts losing the higher understanding in unconscious manner and gets into the trap of the ego.

For such a person to gain back the lost heights is very difficult.


Disciple: What is the root cause of such happenings?

Master: In most cases, it is the company you keep! If you are in a company of people, who do not have higher values, attitude of learning and Gratitude… – you fall down. So be careful of the company you keep as their vibrations do rub on to you!!

Disciple: So, how can we help such seekers?

Master: All the great Masters of past including Buddha had realized this issue with their disciples. Buddha started Sangha for this reason only. When a seeker remains connected to Sangha, it is easier to manage the traps of ego and presence of Master and co-disciples in Sangha is good to keep a seeker on the track under such situations.

So, being a part of Sangha helps! Swadhyay in solitude can help only to those seekers who are absolutely honest and sincere and have imbibed great discipline. Reading of scriptures in study groups can help to revive the lost understanding to a great extent. Meditation can definitely help to come back to the path and revive gratitude!

Being in the company of evolved souls and wise ones also helps to a great extent.

In the modern world, most people need motivation to continue Sadhana.


Hence, for our friends we have Kriya groups worldwide. If you practice Kriya and Meditation in a group, once in a week, it is good enough motivation to continue on the path. It is also nice to read good books / scriptures to enhance one’s understanding on the path. But the real help comes from daily meditations!

Anyone who is practicing one hour of meditation will always remain on the path. If you pick up negative vibrations of your office colleagues or friends, you can do fire ceremony (havan) to clean it up.


Here is one more insight. The last thought that you carry just while entering the sleep state manifests itself very fast. So, enter the sleep with the thought of increasing Awareness and Understanding and it will manifest fast to bring you back to the path of Sadhana. Better than this is to enter the sleep with awareness!


Enlightenment is an evolutionary journey! There are sharp turns on the way! You need to learn to negotiate the turns… A bend in the road is not the end of the road, unless you fail to make the turn. So at some occasions, you have to learn to meditate for longer hours to regain your balance and return back to the balance and equipoise. If nothing works, just pray with folded hands to our Moksha Guru, the immortal Babaji with love and gratitude in your heart… and the results are assured! Surrender the ego at the lotus feet of Babaji and you are back on the track. Guru krupa hei kevalam….


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