CHAPTER 6 – Achieving Your Goals

Nothing is impossible, unless you think it is.

The Value of Enthusiasm – Honesty

Try to do little things in an extraordinary way.

You should progress — try to be the very best in your profession. Express the limitless power of soul in anything you take up….You must constantly create and produce new successes and not become [an] automaton. All work is purifying if done with the right motive.


We should approach our nearest problem or duty with concentrated energy and execute it to perfection. This should be our philosophy of life.


By stick-to-itiveness, by cultivating creative originality and developing your talents through the unlimited power of God that comes from communion with Him daily in deep meditation, by honest business methods, loyalty to your employer, and thinking of his business as if it were your own; and by cultivating an intuitive attunement with your immediate superior or with the owner of the business and with your Cosmic Employer — God — your may unfailingly please your employer in the office and your Divine Employer.


It is easy to be idle or filled with hopelessness and thus desist from striving for financial success in life. It is easy to earn money dishonestly when such opportunity presents itself. But it is wrong thus to excuse oneself from making an effort to sustain himself honorably….

It is an exceptional man who earns money abundantly, unselfishly, honestly, quickly, just for God and His work and for making others happy. Such activity develops many sterling qualities of character that aid one on the spiritual path as well as the material path. Making money honestly and industriously to serve God’s work is the next greatest art after the art of realizing God. Responsibility, knowledge of organization, order, leadership, and practical usefulness are developed in creating business success and are necessary for the all-round growth of man.


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