Inner Peace: Antidote for Stress, Worry, and Fear


Calmness is the ideal state in which we should receive all life’s experiences. Nervousness is the opposite of calmness and its prevalence today makes it very nearly a world disease.


Only those who partake of the harmony within their souls know the harmony that runs through nature. Whosoever lacks this inner harmony feels also a lack of it in the world. The mind in chaos finds chaos all around. How can one know what peace is like if he has never tasted it? But he who has inner peace can abide in this state even in the midst of outer discord.


When you worry, there is static coming through your mind radio. God’s song is the song of calmness. Nervousness is the static, calmness is the voice of God speaking to you through the radio of your soul.


Calmness is the living breath of God’s immortality in you.


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