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CHAPTER 9 – Misconceptions About Kundalini


Kundalini is a word that has fascinated thousands of people. Most people who have only a rudimentary knowledge of yoga or mysticism talk of kundalini and what fantastic and sometimes downright silly ideas come forth!

Kundalini seems to be the most misunderstood of terms. Some think that it is a mysterious force linked to black magic and the orgies of Kapalic tantrics. Others, well educated in matters of human anatomy and physiology but, who unfortunately have not studied either the relevant texts or have not been guided by a spiritual teacher, proclaim that it I nothing but a nerve, right vagus nerve for instance. There are others who say that the kundalini and the centres through which it moves are all on the astral or some such plane and even paint it in fantastic technicolours, which they consider as better than the diagrammatic representation of the chakras.

A handful of people who have written on the subject like Sir John Woodroff, the author of ‘Serpent Power’, have really taken the trouble to go into the subject, theoretically and practically, and therefore, provide a wealth of information. There are others, great sages and yogis, who have had true personal experience of kundalini but, for various reasons, hesitate to put anything in writing.

The traditional texts that deal with the kundalini, like the Hatayoga Pradeepika, Satchakra Nirupanam, the Tantras, including various commentaries on Soundarya Lahiri and the writings of Bhaskara Raya, Kaivalyashrama, and Lakshmidhara, need the guidance of an initiated guru to yield their secrets. Such gurus are indeed rare nowadays.


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