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CHAPTER 9 – Misconceptions About Kundalini


There is nothing to wonder, therefore, at the rather ridiculous spectacle of thousands of people sitting with closed eyes, expecting the self-appointed guru to arouse the kundalini en masse for everyone at once.

There are people who claim that their kundalini was definitely raised, because they felt a tickling sensation in their palms. A hypnotist can do better; he can make you feel a tickling sensation in the neck or any other part of the body that you name.

“Why not?” ask the votaries of the instant enlightenment cult. “Ramakrishna Paramhansa enlightened Swami Vivekanandan by a single touch; Nityananda Avadhuta awakened Swami Muktananda’s kundalini by a mere glance! Shaktipath is possible. Ancient texts declare it.” But Shaktipath is not something you can buy off the shelf—it is not a marketable commodity.

Just reflect a little and do not fall into a trap. Why did Sri Ramakrishna choose only Swami Vivekananda to receive that special touch? So also with the great Nityananda. A flower seller at Ganeshpuri, who hasn’t progressed much spiritually to this day, was a protégé of Sri Nityananda. Why hasn’t he been granted Shaktipath?


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