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CHAPTER 9 – Misconceptions About Kundalini


It is true that Masters of high spiritual stature can awaken the kundalini or spiritual consciousness in an individual by their mere wish. But then, they do so only for the disciple with the right qualifications, intense longing for the Truth, and only for one who does intense sadhana. When the disciple is ripe, the guru seeks him out to bestow his grace. S, be cautious when someone offers spiritual enlightenment wholesale.

We shall not go into the many details regarding the number of petals of the given chakra, the colour, etc. Such details are not important. And those who are interested can find them in the Sanskrit originals or in the excellent translations available, like Sir John Woodroff’s Serpent Power. But regarding the Hatayogic and other practices found in books, one should not resort to practicing them without the guidance of an experienced teacher. Not only are they useless without such guidance but are downright dangerous.

There are instances of unfortunate enthusiasts who have gone mad practicing what they thought to be spiritual exercises. This is apart from the physical ailments that can be caused by the improper practice of Hatayogic postures and breathing exercises called pranayama.


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