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CHAPTER 9 – Misconceptions About Kundalini


The very awakening of the kundalini in the muladhara is accompanied by blissful sensations in that centre. As it rises and moves through each chakra, described aptly as lotuses with petals drooping down, they straighten up and bloom at its magic touch. Not only does the bliss experienced by the yogi reach unimaginable heights, but also his eyes are opened to greater vistas, wonderful realms, which he never before could have imagined existed. His physical body as well as his subtle body, mind, and intellect become refined and yogic powers like clairvoyance, etc., begin to appear spontaneously.

When the kundalini reaches the sahasrara, it being the Shakti, unites with Shiva, the passive principle, and they become undifferentiated in one vast ocean of peace and omnipresent being. The yogi, lost in that state, is said to be in Samadhi. When the kundalini descends again to the lower centres, the yogi is conscious of the world but he is now a new person. The alchemist’s stone has touched him and he has been transmuted into gold. He may put on an armour of base metals to join the battle of life, but inside, is pure gold. Ofcourse, he can lead the kundalini again to meet the Lord at will. Such a yogi is verily a manifestation of Shiva, Shivam, auspiciousness and Shivoham; Shivoham is his mantrasiddhi.


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