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CHAPTER 9 – Misconceptions About Kundalini


Here, we will not go into the controversy which goes on all the while about whether it is physical or whether it is psycho-physical energy and son on. We will also not go into the debate regarding the chakras being actual nerve plexuses or purely astral formations. These we can leave to those who have time for such things. It will certainly be useful to discover the truth about these facts, but this is a question of priorities. Our priorities are different.

Suffice it to say, that there is certainly a link between the kundalini and the physical body and it works both ways. Firstly, certain physical postures and exercises, including breath control, and practices that alter the chemistry of the body, like fasting, etc., do accelerate and induce arousal of the kundalini, provided the other essentials are there. Secondly, sex is intimately linked with the kundalini. The control and sublimation of sex is one of the chief requisites for the arousal of the kundalini. Apart from the spiritual and psychic developments that it brings about, it also effects biological changes in the physical organism which can be clearly felt by the yogi. Kundalini is none other than the Parashakti, the Supreme Energy, which, after having performed its creation in the macrocosm as well as in the microcosm, rests in the muladhara. It doesn’t mean that it is only a spent force — the leftover part — of the Supreme Energy that is involved in the creation and remaining at the muladhara. On the contrary, the kundalini is potentially the same Omnipotent Power by which the whole universe is manifested and by which it functions.

The following invocatory shloka of the Isavasya Upanishad underlines the infinite, indestructible, immutable nature of that Energy:

Om purnamadaha purnmidam; purnat purna pudachyate

Purnasya purna madaya; purna mevaavashishyate

Om Shantih, Shantih, Shantih.

Loosely translated, this could be read as:

Infinite is the invisible; so is the visible. The visible universe finds its expression in the Infinite (Yet) the Infinite remains complete in spite of its expression in the finite universe.

Om Peace! Peace! Peace!


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