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CHAPTER 10 – Fear of Death


Undoubtedly, everyone fears death to a greater or lesser extent; unless, of course, one is a saint who is above the concern of life and death, or at the absurd extreme, one is suicide-prone. Is it because, in essence, there is something permanent in the human being and we are aware that it is only the impermanent body that is disappearing with death and not the Being which is supposed to be there and which does not disappear?

A positive answer to this question, to say the least, is debatable, for the reason that most people are not aware of the existence of something permanent apart from the body which forms the core of a human being. The normal man is not aware of this, and not being aware of it, there can be no reason that he would think in this manner. This is, of course, not to deny the possibility of entertaining such a thought. It is quite probable that, somewhere deep down, every human being feels that there must be something permanent somewhere and he therefore does not like to end his existence. Such a feeling only comes when you feel that everything is going to end and death is imminent. In such cases we are afraid of death because we do not know what is going to come after death.


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