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CHAPTER 10 – Fear of Death


However, on closer inspection, you will find that the fear of death is not because you don’t know what is going to happen after death but it is because you are afraid of losing everything that you have gathered during your lifetime. The greatest fear that we have is that we will lose everything that we possess, or rather everything that we think that we possess when we die. Nobody really possesses anything but the feeling is that we do. Hence, this fear is uppermost in the mind of a person who is about to die. We think that death is going to wipe the whole thing off. That is the main reason for the fear of death.

Therefore, we would like to feel that there is some existence after death where we can possess something else. The mind can then be satisfied that if we lose something here, we get something over there. I am not discussing whether life exists after death or not; it is a moot point without any definitive conclusion. I am just saying that the fear of death is mainly because one is afraid of losing one’s possessions, not only physical and material possessions, but all that one can think of. More than physical and material possessions, there are very many mental things that we create and stick to. Even these things will disappear.


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