Bringing Out the Best Within You


Introspection: A Secret of Progress

One who has not kept a mental diary should begin this salutary practice. The knowledge of just how much and in what way he fails in the daily experiences of life may stimulate him to more effort to be what he should be. By keeping such a journal and by using discrimination to destroy the bad habits that create pain and suffering for ourselves and others, we will get rid of them. Every night we should ask ourselves: “How long have I been with God today?” We should analyze also how much we have deeply thought, how much we have accomplished in our duties, how much we have done for others, how we have governed ourselves in the various situations of the day.


By watching the graphs of your mind, you can see whether you are progressing every day. You don’t want to hide from yourself. You must know yourself as your are. By keeping a diary of your introspection, you keep watch on your bad habits and are better prepared to destroy them.


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