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The Mystique of ‘M’

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“Guru Maharaj had put to sleep many agitated souls. Thousands of people had listened to him and found great peace in  world torn by tension and strife. He had lectured for years on how to relax the body and the mind without the use of drugs but no one knew the number of sleepless nights he would have had to spend if it was not for the great savior of mankind—the sleeping pill.

Five minutes after he had drained a glass of water to wash down the tablets, he was fast asleep, blissfully deep asleep, the nearest thing to nirvana.”

Thus ends the story “The Saviour” published some years ago in the Sunday edition of a national newspaper. The story is about a much revered and feted holy man who has been the savior of many who flock to him for succor, and ironically where he finds it himself. It might look like a tongue-in-cheek comment or satire on the many self-styled, or a la R.K. Narayan’s The Guide, unwillingly promote4d gurus of today. Ergo, it could have come only from the vitriolic pen of either a sceptic all out to run down spirituality or a disgruntled follower of a particular guru.


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