sri m

The Mystique of ‘M’

A Profile


In the event, the writer is neither. He is Mumtaz Ali, popularly known as M, who has been a spiritual seeker since his childhood and who has spent a major part of the 47 years of his life till now with many genuine spiritual masters. In his own right, he has been, for the past few years, a spiritual guide to an ever-increasing number of people whom he regards as his friends and not credulous devotees or disciples.

Considering that this story was written years ago long before he embarked upon his present mission of sharing his spiritual experience and wisdom with others, is he not likely to regret or recant the theme of the story from his own pen?

No, not likely. If he appeared to cock a snook at the guru culture then, he continues to do so now; but his trenchant omment is not against gurus in toto. He is only against the operation of Gresham’s Law (‘Bad money drives out good’) in the spiritual field, the fake gurus outnumbering the genuine.

Here, a question might be raised: Who is Mumtaz Ali to sit in judgment on the authenticity or falsity of a guru and, even if he is right in general what is his own provenance, his credentials? The answer may be found in the following thumbnail sketch of his life.


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