sri m

The Mystique of ‘M’

A Profile


Is he a guru, a sage, a realized master, a philosopher? None of these or all of them in a happy combination? Ask him and in answer you get an ambivalent shrug of his shoulders and a cryptic admonition tendered—and tempered—with a disarming smile: “You decide for yourself who I should be to you.”

Perhaps, a faint clue as to what he considers to be himself can be inferred from his wholehearted endorsement of the Rig Vedic lines given below:

      The source from which this universe has risen

      And whether it was made or uncreated,

      He only knows from the highest heaven who

      Rules, the all-seeing Lord—or does he now know?

Mumtaz Ali says, “Admittedly, this Vedic hymn seeks the dizzy heights of speculative philosophy; but the mind of its originator, unlike that of the weak, faith-blinded disciples of many a present-day guru or godman (who demands absolute surrender of all intellectual and critical faculties), bristled with doubt and skepticism—the most essential qualities which any true seeker of truth, any scientific investigator, no matter in what field, must possess.”


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