Bringing Out the Best Within You


The old orthodox way is to deny temptation, to suppress it. But you must learn to control that temptation. It is not a sin to be tempted. Even though you are boiling with temptation, you are not evil; but if you yield to that temptation, you are caught temporarily by the power of evil. You must erect about yourself protecting parapets of wisdom. There is no stronger force that you can employ against temptation than wisdom. Complete understanding will bring you to the point where nothing can tempt you to actions that promise pleasure but in the end will only hurt you.


Until you have attained wisdom, when temptation comes you must first stop the action or urge, and then reason. If you try to reason first, you will be compelled in spite of yourself to do the thing that you don’t want to do, because temptation will overcome all reason. Just say “No!” and get up and go away. That is the surest way to escape the Devil. The more you develop this “won’t” power during the intrusion of temptation, the happier you will be; for all joy depends on the ability to do that which conscience tells you; you should do.


When you say no to temptation, you must mean no. Don’t give in. The spineless weakling all the time says yes But great minds are full of nos.


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