sri m

The Mystique of ‘M’

A Profile


As his tacit appreciation of the hymn suggests, he is a seeker who has no desire to sacrifice his intellectual and critical faculties in his spiritual quest. Nor is he an iconoclast in the mould of J. Krishnamurti as some who meet Mumtaz Ali first take him to be; such a view would be wholly invidious to both, and therefore, unfounded. Unlike Krishnamurti, Mumtaz Ali has abiding and experientially validated faith in the spiritual wisdom of all scriptures, not because of the sacrosanct authority ascribed to them but because of his personal insight into that wisdom gained from years of spiritual practices. Again, his acceptance and propagation of the spiritual wisdom is in character with his acknowledgement of a guru; quite a contrary view from that of Krishnamurti.

If at all he can be compared to anyone, it can only be, very loosely at that, to a member of the Hasidic sect. Like them he too believes that by virtue of being an early pilgrim than his contemporaries in the dense spiritual forest, he may be able to help others—by pointing out a thicket here, a marsh there—to avoid the unknown snares that impede the journey out towards the clear light of spiritual wisdom. He may also as he would say, show the probable path that he has, intuitively and through experience, found for himself. No more. The rest, the ultimate goal, depends on the seekr himself. All he can do is to show the man himself as he really is and to help him to develop his real, inner self, his permanent part.


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