Bringing Out the Best Within You


When you have made up your mind not to smoke, or eat unwisely, or lie or cheat, be firm in these good desires; don’t weaken. Wrong environment saps your will and invites wrong desires. Live with thieves and you think that is the only life. But live with divine persons, and after having divine communion, no other desires can tempt you.


If you have a particular bad habit or karmic inclination, don’t mix with those who have the same kind of bad habit. If you tent to be greedy, avoid the company of others who are greedy. If you have a desire to drink, stay away from those who drink. People who support your bad habits are not your friends. They will cause you to throw away your soul’s joy. Avoid the company of wrongdoers and mix with those who are good.


The greatest influence in your life, stronger even than your will power, is your environment. Change that, if necessary.


There are two kinds of environment that you should watch carefully—the outer and the inner.


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