Bringing Out the Best Within You


Watch your thoughts. All your experiences come percolating through your thoughts. It is the company of your thoughts that uplifts or degrades you.


You must be stronger than the thoughts and suggestions constantly vibrating from others people. That is the way to conquer wrong vibrations that come into your environment.


Think of God aas your environment. Be one with God and nothing can harm you.


Every action has a mental counterpart. We perform acts with our physical power, but that activity has its origin in the mind, and is guided by the mental captain. To steal is evil, but the greater evil is the mental act of stealing that initiates the physical theft, because mind is the real perpetrator. Whatever wrong action you want to avoid, first throw it out of the mind. If you concentrate only on the physical action, it is very hard to gain control. Concentrate on the mind; correct your thoughts, and automatically the actions will be taken care of.


Every time a bad thought comes, cast it out. Then Satan can’t do anything to you. But as soon as you think wrongly, you go toward Satan. You are constantly moving back and forth between good and evil, to escape, you must go where Satan will be unable to reach you; deep in the heart of God.


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