Bringing Out the Best Within You


Virtue and purity are not rooted in weakness. Rather, they are strong qualities that fight the forces of evil. It is within your power to choose how much purity, love, beauty, and spiritual joy you will express, not only through deeds, but in your thoughts, feelings, and desires….Keep a pure mind and you will find the Lord ever with you. You will hear Him talking to you in the language of your heart; you will glimpse Him in every flower and shrub, in every blade of grass in every passing thought. “Blessed are the pure in heart; for they shall see God.”


The best way to overcome temptation is by comparison. Meditate more and see if meditation doesn’t give you more happiness.


When you withdraw your mind inward [in meditation], you will begin to perceive that there are many more wonderful things within than outside.


If you but looked at your soul, the all-perfect reflection of God within you, you would find all your desires satisfied!


In the absence of inward joy, men turn to evil. Meditation on the God of Bliss permeates us with goodness.


The ego attempts to satisfy through material channels the soul’s constant, insatiable longing for God. Far from accomplishing its objective, it increases man’s misery. The soul’s hunger can never be appeased by indulgence of the senses. When man realizes this and masters his ego, that is, when he achieves self-control, his life becomes glorified by the awareness of divine bliss while he is still in the flesh. Then, instead of being the slave of material desires and appetites, man’s attention is transferred to the heart of Omnipresence, resting there forever with the hidden Joy in everything.


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