Bringing Out the Best Within You


The Correct Attitude Toward Past Wrongs

Avoid dwelling on all the wrong things you have done. They do not belong to you now. Let them be forgotten. It is attention that creates habit and memory. As soon as you put the needle on a phonograph record, it begins to play. Attention is the needle that plays the record of past actions. So you should not put your attention on bad ones. Why go on suffering over the unwise actions of your past? Cast their memory from your mind, and take care not to repeat those actions again.


You may be worried about the wrong you have committed, but God is not. What is past is past. You are Hid child, and whatever wrong you have done came about because you didn’t know Him. He doesn’t hold against you the evil done under the influence of ignorance. All He asks is that you not repeat your wrong actions. He wants only to find out whether or not you are sincere in your intention to be good.


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