sri m

The Mystique of ‘M’

A Profile


Time and the immediate life around him began inevitably to drop the curtain on that dramatic encounter at dusk. Two years had passed. And now, as if to jog his memory, an incident occurred which was indirectly prophetic of the words spoken by the stranger. M was playing ‘hide and seek’ with his friends. Suddenly, he felt that his breath was suspended, and strangely, it was not causing him discomfort like that of one gasping for breath. On the contrary, he became inexplicably blissful. After some time, his breathing became normal. Later, he could identify his experience by the yogic term keval kumbhak. The bliss he experienced for that short spell opened to him a world that he never knew existed. (After this experience, he has been able to will himself into this state with what he calls a ‘sigh’. Or, is it the Sufi mystic’s mantra ‘suriuff?).

Unknown to, unrealized by him, his promised ‘education’ had begun. He became more and more attracted to scriptures of all kinds—his love for them remains Catholic even now. He also became a regular at any congregation that was religious, spiritual or philosophical in intent.


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