Bringing Out the Best Within You


The Correct Attitude Toward Past Wrongs

“Forget the past,” [Sri Yukteswar said]. “The vanished lives of all men are dark with many shames. Human conduct is ever unreliable until man is anchored in the Divine. Everything in future will improve if you are making a spiritual effort now.”


Don’t think of yourself as a sinner. You are a child of the Heavenly Father. No matter if you are the greatest sinner, forget it. If you have made up your mind to be good, then you are no longer a sinner….Start with a clean slate and say: “I have always been good; I was only dreaming that I was bad.” It is true: evil is a nightmare and does not belong to the soul.


Though your errors be as deep as the ocean, the soul itself cannot be swallowed up by them. Have unflinching determination to move on your path unhampered by limiting thoughts of past errors.


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