sri m

The Mystique of ‘M’

A Profile


The next day, ‘M’ learned the name of the man who was one of the many souls he was to meet on his spiritual journey. He was not well-known; he was known as Pujapura Swami since he was living in a place of that name in Thiruvananthapuram. Before the reverential appellation accrued to him, he had worked as a clerk in the Accountant General’s office until retirement. In his youth, he had been initiated into Vedantic practices by a great teacher; and ever since, he had led an exemplary life of the spirit, absorbed in a bliss that surpasses ordinary understanding; all the while performing his duties like an ordinary man. Though a householder, he was considered a self-realized soul by all who came to know him. What can be a greater avowal of the Swami’s spiritual credentials than the attendance, although infrequent, at this householder’s satsangs of a great sannyasin who had even renounced his loin cloth and who was averse even to the whiff of worldly life?

M was barely fortunate to have met the Pujapura Swami, for soon the Swami attained Samadhi. A few years later, however, when M was about seventeen, he chanced upon a compilation of the Swami’s teachings, courtesy a friend, which was in private circulation. It contained the essence of Vedanta in very simple language.


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