sri m

The Mystique of ‘M’

A Profile


However, he did not limit his quest to the cold print of books and often unaided practices. Sufficiently early in his life, he realised that there was no substitute for learning from the living masters. Underlying this realisation must have been an inchoate feeling. A prophecy had to be fulfilled. Wasn’t he told by that stranger under the jackfruit tree that he would meet him again? Perhaps it ws the hope of meeting him again that propelled him towards many spiritual leaders of that time. Who knew, in what form the stranger would condescend to meet him again?

One of the masters whom he sought out was Swami Tapasyananda, a direct disciple of Swami Shivananda (Mahapurushji Maharaj); the Swamiji was then the head of the Ramakrishna Mission in Thiruvananthapuram. Soon after, he met Chempazhanti Swami. At that time M was among the first batch of students in the first Loyola Junior college that the Jesuits had started at Sreekaryan in Thiruvananthapuram. The Swami was living in a village a few kilometres away from Sreekaryam-Chempazhanti, the birthplace of Sri Narayana Guru, the great reformer-saint of Kerala.


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