Bringing Out the Best Within You


Creating Good Habits and Destroying Bad Ones

Turn toward God and you will find yourself shaking off the chains of habits and environment….The Self identified with the ego is bound; the Self identified with the soul is free.


The mind may tell you that you cannot free yourself from a particular habit; but habits are nothing but repetitions of your own thoughts, and these you have the capacity to change.


Most people who make up their minds to stop smoking or to stop eating so many sweets will continue with those actions in spite of themselves. They do not change because their minds, like blotting paper, have soaked up habits of thought. Habit means that the mind believes it cannot get rid of a partiular thought. Habit, indeed, is tenacious. Once you perform an action, it leaves an effect or impression on the consciousness. As a result of this influence, you are likely to repeat that action.


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