sri m

The Mystique of ‘M’

A Profile


In those days, M had a close Brahmin friend whose father was an ardent devotee of the Sai Baba of Shirdi. M happened to see a picture of the Baba at his friend’s place and he had an immediate and irresistible urge to know more of the Baba’s life. That was all he needed—the urge; the very next day, an advocate who was his friend’s landlord lent him a copy of the Life of Sai Baba of Shirdi by Narasimhaswami. From the same source, he obtained Sai Sat Charita. And, inevitably M was attracted to the life and teachings of the great fakir.

Once the adept is ready, things begin to happen. M’s life is a prime example of how true this is.

From a friend, who was then a medical student and is now a neuro-surgeon, he heard about a woman avadhuta, called Maayi Ma. She lived on the beaches of Kanyakumari; no one knew where she hailed from or what language she spoke, The locals thought she was over a hundred years old.


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