Bringing Out the Best Within You


Creating Good Habits and Destroying Bad Ones

It takes time for even a bad habit to attain supremacy, so why be impatient about the growth of a rival good habit? Do not despair about your undesirable habits; simply stop feeding them and thus making them strong by repetition. The time that elapses in the formation of habits varies with individual nervous systems and brains and is chiefly determined by the quality of attention.


Through the power of deep, concentration trained attention, any habit may be installed—that is, new patterns may be made in the brain—almost instantaneously ant at will.


When you want to create a good habit or destroy a bad one, concentrate on the brain cells, the store-house of the mechanisms of habits. To create a good habit, meditate; and then with the concentration fixed at the Christ center, the center of will between the eyebrows, deeply affirm the good habit that you want to install. And when you want to destroy bad habits, concentrate at the Christ center and deeply affirm that all the grooves of bad habits are being erased.


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