Freedom is Here!

You Have Already Arrived 


“There’s no way to freedom.  A ‘way’ means you have to start from somewhere and arrive somewhere.  This is the deception of the mind.  You don’t have to go anywhere to find freedom.  Forget about finding your way, you are already That which you are seeking.”  ~Papaji 

Most people have spent lifetimes seeking, yearning, and hoping for that special something to manifest before they can truly relax and be happy.  They feel that some unique experience has to happen first, in order to find real inner peace, feel deeply loved, be emotionally whole and healed, be spiritually free, financially abundant, or exquisitely happy on the inside.  This deep unconscious belief is causing all of humanity to suffer each day. We have all completely forgotten how to rest, how to look deep inside and feel into the roots of our deeper spirituality and consciousness that is beneath the mind.

The mind exists because of one thing…desire.  We have a long list of desires inside. Without these desires, there is no mind. Try it out and see for yourself.  You’ll see how even your own mind has become obsessed and addicted to searching and seeking for your own personal thing that will make your life even more perfect than it is. The mind is the ultimate seducer and it will make you think that when you put in a lot of hard work and effort, then one day you will be done and arrive at the grand destination.

by Jafree Ozwald


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