sri m

The Mystique of ‘M’

A Profile


M sat down on a rock. She noticed the bunch of bananas he had with him. She told him something in that same strange language the drift of which M completely missed. Perhaps, she was asking for the bananas. Anyway he had bought them for her and he offered them to her. She plucked a few and threw them to the dogs, ate two herself and returned the rest to M. He was not sure what spiritual protocol he had to observe with a person like this. All he could think of doing was to sit there with closed eyes and try tuning in with this odd soul and her ambience. How long he sat there, he did not know. When he opened his eyes she was still there. Again she vouchsafed him a smile even far brighter than the earlier one. Now she said, ‘Jao, jao, Theek….’ The last words were a murmur of incomprehensible sounds. When paramahansas ask you to go, one has no business to tarry. Yes, M had no doubt of the authenticity of her identity, despite all the external evidence to the contrary, evidence that normally would consign her to the asylum. M’s own spiritual evolution could help him intuit her greatness. After prostrating to her, M returned to Thiruvananthapuram.

The following morning, he discovered through another strange experience that his intuition did not betray him.


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