Bringing Out the Best Within You


Creating Good Habits and Destroying Bad Ones

By concentration and will power you can erase even deep grooves of long-standing habitrs. If you are addicted to smoking, for example, say to yourself: “The habit of smoking has long been lodged in my brain. Now I put all my attention and concentration on my brain and i\I will that habit to be dislodged.” Command your mind thus, again and again. The best time of the day to do this is in the morning, when the will and attention are fresh. Repeatedly affirm your freedom, using all the strength of your will pwoer. One day you will suddenly feel that you no longer are ensnared by that habit.


If you really want to rid yourself of present bad habits…you have no greater recourse than meditation. Every time you meditate deeply on God, beneficial changes take place in the patterns of your brain.


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