sri m

The Mystique of ‘M’

A Profile


An equally weird personage M encountered was Poonthara Swami. He was living not very far from the place of the Mastaan. With his strange ways, he was also regarded as insane by the general public. M knew better; he knew that the Swami must be God-intoxicated. M, naturally, visited him. This time the blessing was in the form of a kick to M’s chest. M considered it a timely kick, because it cleared in him the passage through which the mighty energy travels. Later, M went looking for him to thank him, he had disappeared.

There is a coda to this story. While M was trying to track down Poonthara Swami, an impressive-looking man, claiming himself to be the closest disciple of the Swami, attempted to foist himself upon M. The bravura act of the charlatan did not deceive M for a moment. On the contrary, it taught him the unsavory fact that, on the spiritual path, there lurk many predators ready to pounce on the unwary and the gullible. This, M is not tired of reiterating, need not deter the genuine seeker.


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