sri m

The Mystique of ‘M’

A Profile


M was accepted as a probationer. While there, he kept his Muslim identity a secret. No, he was not resorting ot any subterfuge, for he knew that the Mission had nothing against Muslims or people of any other persuasion joining the order. He somehow felt that he would be the recipient of favourable discrimination, if he revealed his identity.

The discipline at the Mission helped him greatly; he learned a lot without let or hindrance. He read most of the literature of Sri Ramakrishna and Vivekananda and met some of the stalwarts of the Order like Swami Ranganathananda and Swami Tapasyananda. (Many years after M left the Ramakrishna Order, the same Swami Tapasyananda initiated him into the Ramakrishna mantra.)

He was with the Mission for three years. The wanderlust struck him again. This time around, he decided to investigate the working of the Ananda MArga. Earlier he had met its founder, Ananda Murti, a.k.a. Sri P.R. Sarkar. M joined the Ananda MArga Training Centre in Benaras. His stay there was extremely brief—less than a month. (To date, he is averse to talking about that phaase of his life, more because of his nature not to sit in judgment about any one or anything than because of any unpalatable experience.)


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