sri m

The Mystique of ‘M’

A Profile


“No hysterics,” said the calm voice of the Master, this time not in Deccani Urdu but in English. He stroked or patted M’s shoulders. Brought to normal, M touched his Master’s feet.

The Master sat beside him. Long into the night and till dawn they talked, the Master revealing the truth he had attained and the disciple clrifying his doubts. At sunrise, which was too soon for M, the Master blessed him by way of farewell and walked away from the cave. It was, however, not a hasty farewell; the Master promised to monitor M constantly and to appear at selected moments and places in the future. (The chapter “Thus Spake the Master” in this book is a personal account by M of one such meeting.)

‘When the seeker is ready, so will be the Master’ was no more a mere truism to M now. Weren’t all these years of disquiet and indomitable search leading him to this glorious meeting with his one and only Master?


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