sri m

The Mystique of ‘M’

A Profile


His association with J. Krishnamurti was not accidental; his Master had told him to meet this maverick sage. M had earlier heard Krishnamurti’s lectures in Chennai and elsewhere and had also read most of his books. So, when he finally met him at the Foundation headquarters in Chennai, M was not altogether ignorant of the renowned iconoclast. He had a private discussion with him lasting some half an hour, which resulted in his staying at the Foundation with the hearty approval of Krishnamurti himself.

M was strictly adhering to his Master’s advice; M’s association with Krishnamurti was to be a further learning process. If he had made use of his closeness to Krishnamurti for personal self-aggrandisement, that could be termed as devious. But he did not. Theirs was an association of mutual understanding and love. The trusteeship was thrust on him and he willingly demitted it three years after Krishnamurti’s death.


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