The Inner Conditions of Happiness

The more you depend upon conditions outside yourself for happiness, the less happiness you will experience.


If you think that you can live happily in forgetfulness of God, you are mistaken, because you will cry out in loneliness again and again until you realize that God is all in all—the only reality in the universe. You are made in His image. You can never find lasting happiness in any thing because nothing is complete except God.


The unalloyed happiness I find in communion with the Lord no words can describe. Night and day I am in a state of joy. That joy is God. To know Him is to perform the funeral rites for all your sorrows. He does not require you to be stoic and morose. This is not the right concept of God, nor the way to please Him. Without being happy you will not even be able to find Him….The happier you are, the greater will be your attunement with Him. Those wo know Him are always happy, because God is joy itself.


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