sri m

Towards Greater Glory and A happier Life

1. The Opening


Wil you, ignoring this great treasure, play with mere trinkets? It is for this blissful being who shines through every heart that man searches everywhere except within. Like the musk-deer that carries fragrant musk under its own tail and searches for the source of the fragrance all over the forest, under thorny shrubs and under dangerous snake holes, human beings likewise search endlessly for happiness mistaking pleasure—the short interval between sorrows—for the real thing.

But the blissful surprise is right here—so simple and clear. No one need shave his head or wear special headgear or ochre robes or run away from all that one holds dear. No Sir! You may live in this world and do your duties, earn your livelihood, look after those that need your help, spread the fragrance of love and service, and yet remember to keep in touch with your true Self, the spark from the great fire, the drop from the great ocea, by meditating regularly, so that, in the spotless clear mirror of your heart, Divinity’s reflection glows. From your heart, then, will the serene rays of the spirit proceed and fill other hearts with bliss.


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