sri m

Towards Greater Glory and A happier Life

1. The Opening


So let nothing stand between you and the overflowing cup of wine that lies so near and yet so far. Drain the cup and declare: “There is but One, the blissful Truth. Nothing else exists.”

Step firmly upon the path. Have no fear. Fearlessness is close to ‘Truth’.

2. The Path

Is there a way to the bliss divine? Is there only one way or are there many? As many human beings exist in this world, so do exist many ways, for there is no single magic formula or esoteric rite which will transform one instantaneously.

Supreme perfection cannot be purchased off the bookshelf nor by bribing the guru or God. All those are tricks you use in everyday life. They don’t apply to the Supreme Self. If someone promises salvation all at once, take care; you are about to be hoodwinked. If someone guarantees to lead you to Supreme Bliss in a certain number of days, again be on guard. No human being can ensure it; only God can.


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