Getting Along With Others


Dealing With Inharmonious Relationships

Most of the time, people talk and act from their own viewpoint. They seldom see, or every try to see the other person’s side. If, lacking understanding, you enter into a fight with someone, remember that each of you is as much to blame as the other, regardless of which one started the argument. “Fools argue; wise men discuss.”


To have calm feeling, doesn’t mean that you always smile and agree with everyone no matter what they say—that you regard truth but don’t want to annoy anybody with it. This is going to the extreme. Those who try in this way to please everyone, with the desire of getting praise for their good nature, do not necessarily have control of feeling….Whoever has control of feeling follows truth, shares that truth wherever he can, and avoids annoying unnecessarily anyone who would not be receptive anyway. He knows when to speak and when to be silent, but he never compromises his own ideals and inner peace. Such a man is a force for great good in this world.


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