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Towards Greater Glory and A happier Life


 2. The Path

However, there are certain essential factors of a spiritual journey and these apply to all paths.

1) The aspirant is sincere in his search.

2) He has understood (in theory) what he is looking for, or to put it in another way, knows what he is not looking for.

3) He is prepared to listen and learn without prejudice.

4) He is ready to swim against the stream.

5) He is prepared to practise regularly and diligently.

6) He is patient.

By saying that the aspirant is sincere, I mean that he is not pretending, for various reasons, to be a religious man. He is ready to speak the truth and learn the truth. He does not advertise his religious inclination by changing his robes or overestimating his capacity to renounce, run away somewhere and cut himself off from his environment. Such actions ave a whiff of hypocrisy, and in the end, confuse and confound one self and others too True, the renunciant is a very highly evolved being but real renunciation is rare and is no joke.


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