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Towards Greater Glory and A happier Life


 2. The Path

Moreover, one may live in the world and not be stunned by it. Such persons are needed today. May such aspirants increase in number! May noble thoughts come to us from every side!

Now, what is the sincere aspirant looking for? Why is he doing so? Aren’t the pleasures of the senses enough for him, surrounded as he is by all the luxuries of the world?

Looking about him in all directions, while still playing his role in the drama of this world, the discriminating aspirant sees how fleeting the enjoyments of the world are. In his mad race towards the fulfilment of his desires, man does not pause to consider how pleasures are followed by pain, and how, whatever one achieves, one is still left with a feeling of want, the unending hunger and thirst, a covetousness that never ceases until death with its final blow makes null everything that has been held so dear and ends the race with total extinction.

And death is not far away. It lives with us. Isn’t death our constant companion? How terrible it would be if things don’t die but last forever. It is because death destroys the old that it is made possible for the new to be born, and this process goes on and on. In fact, every second (or fraction of a second) the present dies and becomes the past for a new present to be born. So death is very much a part of life. Don’t we die every day, every second, as the present moment turns into the past and becomes a dead thing only to be stored in the memory?


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