sri m

Towards Greater Glory and A happier Life


 2. The Path

Ask the biologist and he’ll tell you; millions of cells die every day, every minute, to be replaced by new ones. And yet when death strikes the individual, he is often caught unaware. No one knows when it comes and the human being likes to believe that it is far, far away.

Watching, observing all this carefully, he begins to wonder, what am I seeking? I seek joy, and sorrow raises its ugly head. I get hold of what I desire and then comes the fear of losing it, of somebody taking it away, or losing it when I die. I see the beautiful moon, and time, the great snatcher, snatches it away and I am left with an image I keep craving for, again and again.

I build and nature destroys because it has its own building plans. Today’s palace is tomorrow’s random rubble. Where is the permanency I seek? Where is the real happiness, the supreme joy that I seek?


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