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Towards Greater Glory and A happier Life


 2. The Path

Asks the master: “You experience joy when coming into contact with the objects of the world. But the joy wells up in your own heart, doesn’t it?

Does the enjoyment take place in the object or in yourself? All joys spring forth from within your being, my dear friend. The reservoir of all joy, the essence of all bliss, is in your own heart, in the core of your own being.

The rishis, the mystics, the saints, have all found the way to tap the source of perennial joy within, without resorting ot external objects.

This blissful fountain is your real ‘Self’, your real being. Search for it with your teacher’s help. In fact, you are ‘it’ and when you discover this, you’ll get an idea of what the Higher Self, God Almighty, is.

This ‘Self’ of yours is ever free, ever blissful. It is and was never bound; therefore, there is no question of making it free. It is always free. It manifests itself as the ‘I’, the consciousness, the ‘I’ that exists eternally in the waking state, dream state, and deep sleep, the ‘witness’ of all states of consciousness. This is the real ‘you’, the blessed, blissful ‘Self’. The mind, borrowing the ‘I’ from it, mistakenly feels bound and attempts to make itself free.


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