Getting Along With Others


Developing a Harmonious Personality

If the majority find you an unattractive personality, analyze yourself. There may be some traits in your make-up that are repugnant to others. Perhaps you talk too much, or you make it a practice to put your finger into everyone else’s pie, or you have the habit of telling others what is wrong with them and how they should lead their lives, and you won’t accept any suggestions for improving yourself. These are examples of psychological characteristics that make us unattractive to others.


Consideration for others is a most wonderful quality. It is the greatest attractiveness you can have. Practice it! If someone is thirsty, a thoughtful person anticipates his need and offers him a drink. Consideration means awareness of and attentiveness to others. A considerate person, when in the company of others, will have an intuitive awareness of their needs.


Practice consideration and goodness until you are like a beautiful flower that everyone loves to see. Be the beauty that is in a flower, and the attractiveness that is in a pure mind. When you are attractive in that way, you will always have true friends. You will be loved by both man and God.


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