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Towards Greater Glory and A happier Life


 2. The Path

But alas! The mind does not settle down so easily. Therefore, I shall give you a simple technique discovered by the ancient rishis. You don’t have to escape to the caves to practise it. Practise in your own house, in the midst of your daily life. Practise three times a day or at least once.

Remember! There is no technique to reach the ‘Truth’, for your are yourself the ‘Truth’. Techniques are there to still the mind so that it understands the truth that the mind cannot reach the ‘Self’ and settles perfectly, so that the ‘Self’—the ever-blissful ‘Self’—alone shines forth.

Now, begin to practise immediately and be free. Don’t wait; for, every second you lose by postponing is a great loss indeed.


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  1. shreesubiksha Lakshmanan said:

    Om sri Gurubhyo namah


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